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About project

Create a campaign and share your idea with a Muslim crowd worldwide!
Whether it is a charity cause or a business project, HalalStarter is a platform to be on.
Get started now, change the world for the better!


HalalStarter has been created to leverage the technology and make crowdfunding a lot more efficient and accessible for both campaign managers and donors. With HalalStarter you are not only exposing your campaign / support across the globe, but also saving on 3rd party organisations, such as admin, handling and transactional costs. It is easier and faster to reach the campaign target with our built-in smart marketing tools. Whether you are setting up a new campaign or supporting one, choose HalalStarter to get the best result!


Our aim is to make HalalStarter a catalyst for good deeds, a platform where Muslims can support each other. Any project that will benefit Muslims and the society as a whole, will be able to go live with a help of the crowd and a platform that facilitates the project. We have 3 main categories, supporting mosques, helping deprived and raisng funds for a new project. HalalStarter has already successfully raised funds for 14 Mosques in its beta version. There are way more to come, start the project now and together we will make it happen.